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The current study was planned to highlight the significance of the ONSD on the presentation brain CT scan in the ED and to correlate with the mortality.
93% of cases with pathologic emergency brain CT findings, including skull fractures (12).
The rest of the expired patients showed deterioration in their GCS associated with oedma on brain CT scan.
They demonstrated that although the cumulative risk of radiation from brain CT scans is low, their use in young adults and in particular, children, should be kept to a minimum.
MRIs and brain CT scans have been performed post-mortem showing a significant increase in cerebral white matter change.
There were no further symptoms in the following 2 months, and the brain CT scan revealed no significant abnormalities 1 month later [Figure 1]b.
Brain CT showed brain edema with diffuse subarachnoid hemorrhage located at the basal cistern and intraventricular area.
A brain CT scan can confirm the diagnosis by showing air bubbles in the cerebral arteries.
Penumbra pattern assessment in acute stroke patients: comparison of quantitative and non-quantitative methods in whole brain CT perfusion.
Patient was admitted for further evaluation as well as for brain CT scan and MRI.
After which I will undergo another brain CT scan to validate the extent of the tumor's favorable reaction to the treatment.