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Relating to or characterized by bradycardia.
Synonym(s): bradycardic


adjective Referring to bradycardia.


Relating to or characterized by bradycardia.
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She then suffered bradycardiac arrest and code blue was called.
1-Nitro-2-phenylethane, the main constituent of the essential oil of Aniba canelilla, elicits a vago vagal bradycardiac and depressor reflex in normotensive rats.
Glycopyrrolate is a synthetic anticholinergic agent abolishing the bradycardiac effects of bolus remifentanil (8), and ketamine causes a rise of blood pressure of about 25% (on average the systolic pressure rises by 20 to 30 mmHg) and increase of heart rate by about 20% (34).
Studies in animals have demonstrated beneficial properties of essential oils on the cardiovascular system such as antithrombotic, antiplatelet, endothelial protective, vasore-laxant and hypotensive activity, recent accumulating evidences have shown that cardiovascular effects in humans, as improvements in coronary flow, and hypotensive and bradycardiac effects (de Menezes et al.