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Protracted presyncope and profound bradycardia due to lithium toxicity.
If you've been diagnosed with bradycardia, your doctor should know if you're developing symptoms, as they could be signs of complications stemming from your slow heart rate.
Frequency of bradycardia and hypotension were less in group which were given ondansetron as compared to placebo.
The covariates included in the analysis were age, SBP, presence of acidosis, glucose, LDH, bradycardia, presentation in the spring, coma and the cause of OP intake.
In case of persistent bradycardia not improving with resuscitation, CHB should be considered.
In our case, the 200 mg sugammadex that was applied prior to tracheal extubation led to bradycardia without any obvious arrhythmia, such as atrial fibrillation or atrioventricular block.
Appropriate fluid replacement and low dose atropine improve both bradycardia and respiratory-rate depression and should generally be sufficient for the treatment.
In healthy individuals, especially athletes, bradycardia, Mobitz I AV block, and sinus pauses up to 2 seconds are common during sleep and require no intervention (5).
A new study now links ambient air pollution to an increased risk for apnea (prolonged pauses in breathing) and bradycardia (decreases in heart rate) in babies at high risk for these conditions [EHP 119(9):1321-1327; Peel et al.
Although the development of intraoperative bradycardia is not novel, we would like to describe a case of unusual severity occurring subsequent to a seemingly slight stimulus in an apparently well patient.
Tachycardia of the upper chambers of the heart (atrial fibrillation) and sinus bradycardia are more common forms of SSS.