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In dentistry, resistance to horizontal components of masticatory force. See: component of force.


In dentistry, resistance to horizontal components of masticatory force.


n a resistance to the horizontal components of masticatory force.
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Bracing is the standard of care for treating AIS curves between 25 and 45deg, and is used when the spine is assessed to be compliant or if the case is mild but there is a risk of progression before skeletal maturity is reached.
If traditional bracing does not succeed, then a full spinal fusion may be necessary, where metal rods are affixed alongside the spinal column.
PHILADELPHIA--A lightweight brace on the patellofemoral joint significantly improves the pain and symptoms of knee osteoarthritis, according to BRACE, the largest patellofemoral bracing trial to date.
Broadcast journalists might think that we, or someone else, should be bracing ourselves for something or other all the time, but they never say what good it would do.
a leader in design, innovation, and manufacture of pediatric orthoses, recently announced the latest product developments to its bracing line--the DAFO 9, an improved night-stretching brace for greater patient comfort and the DAFO Floor Reaction for patients with excessive dorsiflexion.
The efficacy of functional bracing on knee stability has been assessed by several researchers using different techniques.
He has even set a goal for the coming year: "I want to put bracing centers in major cities.
Knee bracing in sports has rapidly evolved over the past 25 years with braces becoming comfortable, highly functional and commonplace in many sports.
The Engineered Wood Association released several new computer-aided design (CAD) details of the Narrow Wall Bracing Method, a cost effective bracing solution rapidly gaining favor among code officials, builders and designers for its ability to meet code required wall bracing using site-built techniques and materials.
The solution was to use, instead of a single column at each of the eight corners of the tower, a triple column consisting of three 139mm diameter steel tubes tied together at floor levels by 20mm thick Y-shaped steel brackets acting with cross bracing set between the columns.
Besides slow, gentle massage, another point to remember in this updated approach to nursing home contractures is to never use static bracing on someone with muscle tone or spasticity, because doing so can increase the tone and actually worsen the contracture.