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Having a disproportionately short face.
Synonym(s): brachyfacial
[brachy- + G. prosōpikos, facial]
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This displacement can be interpreted as a result of the lack of vertical growth/displacement of the mandible and occlusion dimension in brachyfacial group.
TPS graphical display of shape differences between meso and brachyfacial groups revealed a decrease in lower facial dimension, but the results were not statistically significant.
Analysis and discussion of the results achieved in this study allow us to conclude that no statistically shape significant differences were found when comparing the mesofacial and brachyfacial groups.
TPS graphical display of shape differences between mesofacial and the brachyfacial group (magnification factor, X3).
Facial Type Mean Minimum Maximum Mesofacial 9y 2m 8y 5m 9y 9m Brachyfacial 9y 1m 8y 4m 10y 0m Dolichofacial 9y 1m 8y 6m 9y 4m Total 9y 1m 8y 4m 10y 0m Table 3.
20 It was shown that brachyfacial patients exhibited a prolonged period of facial growth in contrast to dolichofacial patients.
Within the limitations of the current study, it was concluded that the greater horizontal facial growth pattern of brachyfacial subjects over dolichofacial and mesiofacial subjects provides increased space for full eruption of the mandibular third molars.
However, a tendency for there to be a relationship between long-faced subjects and unilateral chewing is suggested by the data, given that 50% of the dolichofacial group presented chewing side preference, as opposed to meso- and brachyfacial groups, of whom 30.
Although there were no significant differences between type of mastication and distinct craniofacial morphologies, it should be noted that dolichofacial subjects presented greater chewing preference on the right side when compared to mesofacial and brachyfacial individuals.
Type of chewing Mesofacial Brachyfacial Dolichofacial Bilateral 18 (69.