brachiocephalic veins

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bra·chi·o·ce·phal·ic veins

(brā'kē-ō-se-fal'ik vānz)
Formed by the union of the internal jugular and subclavian veins; other tributaries of the right brachiocephalic vein are the rightvertebral and internal thoracic veins, and the right lymphatic duct; other tributaries of the left brachiocephalic vein are the left vertebral, internal thoracic, superior intercostal, thyroidea ima, and various anterior pericardial, bronchial, mediastinal veins, and the thoracic duct.
Synonym(s): venae brachiocephalicae [TA] , innominate veins.
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A case of left brachiocephalic vein stenosis due to the insertion and function of a temporary right subclavian hemodialysis catheter is presented.
The right vein drained into the SVC, while the left drained into the left brachiocephalic vein. This type may be considered a primitive type as the two longitudinal veins appear to be similar to the azygos lines present during development.
Subsequently, Doppler ultrasonography (USG) of neck was advised to find the cause of SVC syndrome, which revealed intraluminal thrombus in the right internal jugular, right subclavian and visualised extent of right brachiocephalic vein with no significant flow (figure 4)
The subclavian vein is not easily compressed due to the overlying clavicle, and the central portions of the brachiocephalic veins are not routinely visualized, so reliance is made on color Doppler and on secondary signs, including absence of pulsatility and respiratory variation in positive cases.
If both brachiocephalic veins are involved in the obstruction, the patients may benefit from a unilateral stent implantation.
The computed tomography displayed that the veins were visible and ran in the anterior mediastinum as a venous tuft from brachiocephalic veins (Fig.
However, we were unable to advance the VDD lead through the junction of the right subclavian and brachiocephalic veins due to vessel tortuosity.
Possible radiographic catheter tip positions were divided according to Figure 1 into eight zones--(1) right atrium, (2) caudal third of SCV, (3) cranial two thirds of SCV or brachiocephalic veins, (4) intrathoracic part of right subclavian vein, (5) intrathoracic part of left subclavian vein, (6) right internal jugular vein, (7) left internal jugular vein and (8) other position.
The lungs and pleura were removed, superior vena cava and brachiocephalic veins cleared then pericardium opened to expose heart and ascending aorta.