brachialis (muscle)

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bra·chi·a·lis (mus·cle)

deep muscle of anterior (flexor) compartment of arm; origin, lower two thirds of anterior surface of humerus; insertion, coronoid process of ulna; action, flexes elbow; nerve supply, musculocutaneous, usually with a minor contribution from the radial.
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Sisson reported that the articular capsule of the elbow is cranially reinforced by an oblique ligament that originates cranially to the lateral condyle of the humerus, close to the surface of the joint capsule and joins the terminal part of the biceps brachii muscle and brachial muscle distally.
In goat 1 the lesions were similar ranging from mild to moderate, located in all muscles collected, but more intense in the masseter, semimembranosus, longissimus lumborum and triceps brachial muscles. In goat 2 the lesions were mainly observed in the semimembranosus, cranial tibial, biceps femoris, superficial gluteal and intercostal muscles.