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Likewise, the use of BPS and many other bisphenols is not restricted.
Finally, the BPS model can be viewed as evolving rather than static, born fully developed, and unchanging.
Disabled Children's Computer Group (510) 841-5621, up to 9,600 bps (510) 841-3224 (voice) Emphasis on children with disabilities; conferences for adults, families--parents are welcome; Fidonet; info on local resources, files for downloading.
Priced at just $130 more is the 14,000 bps MAC&FAX, which gives you the same advantages just cited.
Other regional CDS also rose, with Saudi Arabia up 3 bps at 127 bps and Israel up 5 at 146 bps.
Moroccan CDS fell 21 bps to 173 bps, Lebanon was down 36 bps at 350 bps, Saudi CDS fell 14 bps and Bahrain's fell 15 bps.
Over the past 28 days, the Greek CDS has fallen by 255 bps Markit said.
During four years in service these officials in contrary to their original cadre and BPS got benefits of upper grades and posts.
Seaward & Poli BPS - Upgrade MCC, add VFDs/ and PLC, and a building.
Egyptian five-year CDS hit a peak of 450 bps last Monday, fuelled by political unrest in the country.
Summary: Egyptian five-year credit default swaps fell 69 basis points from Tuesday's closing levels to 364 bps.
CONSUMER GOODS/Personal Goods) Credit spreads have widened over the last three months, with the five-year point widening from 157 bps to 228 bps, an increase of 45%.