matrimony vine

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goji berries

Small red berries, the secretions of which act as an aphrodisiac; data from Wuhan University reported increased sexual performance and sperm quality in rats.

Beta-carotene; vitamins C, B1, B2 and other vitamins; minerals; antioxidants; amino acids; are said to contain isoleucine, tryptophan, zinc, iron, copper, calcium, germanium, selenium, phosphorus, B6 and vitamin E.

Believed to enhance immune system function, help eyesight, protect liver, boost sperm production and improve circulation. They act on the liver, lung and kidney channels and enrich yin.

Raw, tea, tincture.
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(Chenopodiaceae) and boxthorn (Lycium spp., Solanaceae) are less abundant.
One type, grown mainly in China, is the Lycium Chinense, often referred to as Chinese wolfberry, matrimony vine, or Chinese boxthorn. The other is Lycium Barbarum, which grows in various regions of Asia such as Tibet and Inner Mongolia.
There's the boundary.' Anyhow, we gets over to the church, and he's just standing there and he says, 'Yes, this is where mum's house stood, here, this boxthorn tree was in the middle of the garden - the church blew us out - it had a flower garden.' He looked over the creek, he said, 'Look there, there, look, look!