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box and whisker plot, boxplot

a graphical method of displaying the distribution of a variable.
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A boxplot of voiding data for the non-oxidized SAC 305 substrates for both flux types is shown in FIGURE 4.
En el diagrama Boxplot (Figura 3), se evidencia la disminucion de la variabilidad en los tres grupos, como la no existencia de puntos atipicos.
Cluster analysis and Boxplot Deviation Diagrams were applied to the results by using the Past package program.
Para visualizar la diferencias estadisticas encontrada en la tabla anterior, en relacion al extracto total etanolico y fracciones, se procedio a realizar grafico boxplot (figura 2), observandose que la fraccion de E.
Para visualizar los resultados de significancia obtenidos en la tabla 1, se realizaron graficos de boxplot.
Os teores de oxigenio livre no aco, antes e apos o post-stirring, sao apresentados na Figura 3 na forma de boxplot.
The boxplot in Figure 1 provides an example of this simple analysis, using results from one state's English language proficiency assessment and academic content reading assessment.
The Boxplot shows that the overall system and the functions were perceived to be easy to use (means>3.
The Boxplot is a graphical display where the outliers appear tagged.