Boxing Gloves

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Any form of handwear designed to limit the physical impact of fisticuffs between combatants
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The 'Legacy Oud' collection of Muhammad Ali Perfumes is concealed within a pearl white, glass boxing glove bottle with white and gold lacing.
"It was an amazing season for finds, but the boxing gloves are extra special," said Patricia Birley, former director of the Vindolanda Trust and now working on conservation and research at the site.
TRICKY KY Kate helps blindfolded Fynley Gooch ice a cake and struggles with boxing glove
I also have a signed boxing glove of Joe Frazier's in a case.
Barbara Bagley, Julie Stephenson-Airey, Julie Robinson (chair), Ezeke (MC), Margaret Campion, Jackie Townsend (media rep), Sue Carpenter (secretary), Dawn Holding and Sharon Hilton (treasurer); Steve Staunton presents an auction prize, an Aston Villa shirt to Derek Somers; Bob McGiven receiving a signed boxing glove from Ezeke; Jo Fleetwood and Chris Fleetwood with auction prizes - Birmingham City football shirts; Fiona Jefferies, Kim Daniels and Cheryl Edwards; Julie Robinson with Mrs McGuiness, the first prize raffle winner of a holiday to Italy; Darren May, Karl Papierz, Sally May and Penny Papierz
Prosecutor David Mainstone said officers searched the vehicle and found the boxing glove. "Inside was a sock and inside that there was a plastic bag containing 124 grams of cocaine at a purity of 61% and worth nearly PS5,000.
The ring features a boxing glove with a diamond ring enclosed in it.
MANCHESTER CITY fan Ricky "Hitman" Hatton found himself on the ropes when a smartly-dressed middle-aged man asked him to sign a boxing glove "to Philip".
Items in the auction included a Leicester Tigers autographed shirt, an Aston Villa signed shirt and a boxing glove signed by five world heavyweight champions - which raised pounds 350 as a single item.
Cocked back to the left, his head merges with a red object hanging from the rafters (a boxing glove?) that appears to bloom from behind his right ear like a huge amaryllis flower.