boxing centre

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centre, boxing 

The point midway between the two horizontal and the two vertical sides of the rectangle enclosing the lens, in the boxing system. Syn. geometric centre of a cut lens. See boxing system.
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Gateshead College has teamed up with the ABAE to launch the centre, one of only seven high-performance boxing centres in the country for aspiring boxers.
Hoping to follow in the footsteps of Bolton boxer Amir Khan are youngsters at the Birtley Boxing Centre, Gateshead.
The action takes place at the Manchester Boxing Centre of Excellence on Sunday and starts at 12pm.
Light heavyweight Richardson boxes the Navy's Nick McGarry, whom he beat for the Combined Services title last season, at the Army Boxing Centre in Aldershot, on March 27, for the right to advance to the ABA quarter finals.
The quartet box at the Manchester Boxing Centre of Excellence with the action starting at 12pm.