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An adjectival descriptor for a periodically interrupted series of elongated structures with parallel lateral sides
Cardiovascular pathology Boxcar nuclei are typical of hypoxic myocytes, which follow ischaemic insults
Forensics Columns of intravascular blood, interrupted by air in the small blood vessels and capillaries of the brains in scuba divers dying of air embolism due to rapid ascent and intravascular expansion of gases
Microbiology ‘Boxcar’-like organisms are arranged in long parallel chains of bacteria in an end-to-end arrangement, which is characteristic of Clostridium perfringens, Bacillus anthracis
Mycology Arrangement of arthrospores of Geotrichum spp, Trichosporon spp and Coccidioides immitis (alternating bands of pigmentation frequently cause rudimentary bodies) arthroderma have also been described in Fusarium solani hyphae stained by safranin; Geotrichum spp have a hockey stick-like appearance
Ophthalmology A boxcar pattern occurs in vascular stasis with segmentation of the venous column—of blood in the retinal vein—after central retinal artery occlusion
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* Stationary rail cars could be used to host the homeless until more suitable housing is found or built, or maybe the boxcars are rehabbed for this purpose.
A carload is a full boxcar, approximately equivalent to 2.5 truckloads; the Delano facility was designed specifically for perishables.
July found him headed east from Oklahoma, axle-swinging a loaded boxcar on the Burlington Northern Santa Fe toward Topeka.
I beckoned him out of the boxcar and he stepped down.
Bigda of West Brookfield, owner of Boxcar Services and chief operating officer for the North Brookfield Railroad, disagrees.
A local chapter such as Eugene's is called a voiture, or "boxcar."
Empty Boxcars pays tribute to the courage of those Bulgarians who stopped the deportations but it's NOT a eulogy to Bulgaria's role in the war.
Among those travelers were about 250,000 teens--known as boxcar boys and girls.
Those few who comb Ginsberg's verse retrieve insights strangely similar and few: there is much doting fascination with the phrase "boxcars boxcars boxcars," for example.
The trains and services depicted here include Pullman passenger cars, work trains, boxcars, and circus trains, as well as the Boston & Maine bus service, trucks, and air service.
In general, dry cargo barges, like railroad boxcars or truck trailers, are designed to be multi-purpose and not dedicated to specific commodities.
Customs bonded facility and has a rail spur for loading/unloading rail boxcars or flat cars.