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An adjectival descriptor for a periodically interrupted series of elongated structures with parallel lateral sides
Cardiovascular pathology Boxcar nuclei are typical of hypoxic myocytes, which follow ischaemic insults
Forensics Columns of intravascular blood, interrupted by air in the small blood vessels and capillaries of the brains in scuba divers dying of air embolism due to rapid ascent and intravascular expansion of gases
Microbiology ‘Boxcar’-like organisms are arranged in long parallel chains of bacteria in an end-to-end arrangement, which is characteristic of Clostridium perfringens, Bacillus anthracis
Mycology Arrangement of arthrospores of Geotrichum spp, Trichosporon spp and Coccidioides immitis (alternating bands of pigmentation frequently cause rudimentary bodies) arthroderma have also been described in Fusarium solani hyphae stained by safranin; Geotrichum spp have a hockey stick-like appearance
Ophthalmology A boxcar pattern occurs in vascular stasis with segmentation of the venous column—of blood in the retinal vein—after central retinal artery occlusion
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Working as a team, students should brainstorm ideas for using the boxcars, which may include a wide variety of applications.
The steep decline in rail transport of produce from 1960 onward is well represented by the number of carloads (full boxcars, roughly equivalent to 2.5 truckloads) of produce moved by PFE, once among the nation's largest shippers of produce by rail.
After another half hour of waiting, the boxcar door slid back and a face appeared: dirty, lined, crackling with energy.
Preservationists are now raising money to purchase, restore and move the boxcar to the Kern County Museum in nearby Bakersfield, which is just under a two-hour drive from Los Angeles.
When I meant trainloads, they were in coaches not boxcars like ours were treated.
Museum Executive Director Stephen Goldman worked with a colleague at the German Technical Museum to arrange the boxcar's sale and overseas transport.
In the new, improved algorithm, here referred to as Method 2, the difference images calculated by formula (1) are subjected to boxcar averaging, often referred to as taking a "moving average", (Figure 3(c)) as defined by
RUMOUR has it that the top ten tracks on the i-pod of Ashley Young this week are: 10 Arc of a Diver - Steve Winwood 9 - Falling Into You - Celine Dion 8 Holy Diver - Dio 7 You Trip Me Up - Jesus and Mary Chain 6 Diver Down - Van Halen 5 Free Fallin' - Tom Petty 4 Tripping - Robbie Williams 3 Keep On Rolling Down The Line - (Penalty) Boxcar Willie 2 Sure to Fall - Carl Perkins 1 Can't Stand Up For Falling Down - Elvis Costello and the Attractions
A recent, comprehensive and functional scheme was proposed, whereby scars are classified as rolling, ice-pick, shallow boxcar, and deep box-
The historic Mid-Market area has been the focus of city redevelopment hopes, with other arts-related tenants including Boxcar Theatre and Black Rock Arts Foundation, the nonprofit arm of Burning Man.
Up ahead and to their right, five people - shown through realistic, digital characters - hiked along tracks and a runaway boxcar sped toward them.
* Boxcar Brewing Co.--Originally opened by two husband-and-wife teams in 2009, the Boxcar Brewing Co.