Box Plot

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A visual display that summarizes data using a 'box and whiskers’ format to show the minimum and maximum values (ends of the whiskers), interquartile range (length of the box), and median (line through the box)
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Box plots of MOE and MOR data for each plantation presented in Figures 3 and 4 depict an increasing trend in properties throughout pith to bark.
In Developing box plots while navigating the maze of data representations, Bruce Duncan and Noleine Fitzallen provide an approach to the teaching of box plots.
Figure 15 shows the box plots of DYN-DMLS and consensus-OSLOM-2 to illustrate the distribution of the value of NMI on SYN-VAR when z = 6,7,8.
The box plots statistics represents median as 19.4875, and the interquartile range is 4.78 for Cu mg/Kg contamination whereas two outliers are visible at 8 and 12 (Fig.2).
Chapter II illustrates three methods (decision consistency, logistic regression, and descriptive box plots) for analyzing empirical data to assist policy-makers in determining an ELP performance standard for English Learners.
We evaluated the alternative stratification schemes by constructing side-by-side box plots illustrating stratum-specific distributions of observed moose.
It provides advanced visualization and standard tools include histograms, bar charts, box plots, heat maps, scatter plots, trees, maps and parallel coordinate plots.
Figure 2 shows the results of the first analysis method described in the Methodology section using box plots. The values used for the box plots are the average indoor vapor pressure readings for each home.
Trimming and the Box Plots accounted for 11 per cent of the screenings and the Mahalanobis Screen for 5 per cent.
The results were then represented with box plots. As seen in Fig.