Box Plot

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A visual display that summarizes data using a 'box and whiskers’ format to show the minimum and maximum values (ends of the whiskers), interquartile range (length of the box), and median (line through the box)
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Box plots are useful for examining both the centering and variability of response data, as well as identifying outliers.
visualize and interpret results using hierarchical clustering, volcano plots, gene ontology enrichment, histograms, and box plots.
variation among the 193 ZIP code-specific estimates, as indicated in the box plots by a larger interquartile range (IQR), and a larger range from the 5th to 95th percentiles].
The voiding percentage on the ground pad of QFN/BTC component at U314 was measured using the laminography x-ray system, and the results shown as box plots in FIGURE 8.
In Developing box plots while navigating the maze of data representations, Bruce Duncan and Noleine Fitzallen provide an approach to the teaching of box plots.
We evaluated the alternative stratification schemes by constructing side-by-side box plots illustrating stratum-specific distributions of observed moose.
It provides advanced visualization and standard tools include histograms, bar charts, box plots, heat maps, scatter plots, trees, maps and parallel coordinate plots.
Comparing box plots across categories, on the other hand, highlights the differences between distributions--for example, do funds in one category have consistently higher measures than funds in another category?
All other variables show that sample has been drawn from a normal distribution) Box plots of the variable have not shown any outlier.
Figure 2A depicts the box plots of points per minute during each of the years for which data are available.