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Donald James, 20th-century Canadian physician. See: Bowie stain.
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Other items of interest handed in were two kukri ( a Nepalese knife ( a throwing knife, two bowie knives, two bill hooks, an axe switch blade, machete, bayonet, numchucks and a commando-style knife.
shotguns, a documented Spanish-American War "Rough Rider" 1896 Krag carbine, fine Bowie knives and an elaborately engraved S&W .41 Magnum DA revolver, presented by Elvis Presley to his associate and friend.
I have seen staid educators, dignified surgeons, congressmen, and admirals tie up their heads in gaudy bandannas, go shirtless to bring on the tan of the northern sun, and wear bowie knives in their belts.
Axes, machetes, bowie knives, pen knives, diving knives and kitchen knives - along with a World War Two bayonet - were amongst the sharp objects handed in throughout both campaigns, Superintendent Dave Sutherland said: "This year's knife amnesties have been very successful and I am extremely pleased with the results.
People are planning to bring their own Bowie knives to the Alamo next week.
Bowie knives are not the most practical of items nowadays but I treasure mine for obvious reasons.
"All the steel in the country it seemed was immediately convetted into Bowie knives," read The Red River Herald of Natchitoches, Louisiana.
Among the items placed in bins at police stations across the region were a throwing knife, two bowie knives, two bill hooks, and an axe switch blade.