bovine growth hormone

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bovine growth hormone

n. Abbr. BGH or bGH
A hormone of cattle that regulates growth and milk production. A recombinant form (rBGH) produced by genetic engineering is administered to cows to increase milk production. Also called bovine somatotropin.

bovine somatotropin

A 190-amino acid protein produced by the bovine pituitary, which evokes somatic growth (partially mediated by insulin-like growth factor) and increased milk production.
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Secchi, Detection of growth hormones in the plasma of cows treated with recombinant bovine growth hormone.
Its owners do not produce the ingredients of bovine growth hormone.
Everett Koop's warning to food retailers to be honest with consumers about the safety of bovine growth hormones, CA Executive Director Frances Smith and her fellow epistlers urged Starbucks to act responsibly and provide accurate information to its consumers.
Akre and Steve Wilson, her husband and fellow reporter, maintained that Fox-owned WTVT asked them to use false information and then killed their story on the alleged dangers of a bovine growth hormone after its manufacturer, Monsanto, pressured the station to do so.
station in Florida in 1997, for instance, fired two of its on-air reporters, Jane Akre and Steve Wilson, for refusing to water down their investigative story on Monsanto's bovine growth hormone.
Others given the bovine growth hormone were grossly deformed and at just two years old were also crippled with arthritis.
Monsanto has introduced a revolutionary agricultural technology in the form of recombinant bovine growth hormone, the first genetically engineered animal hormone ever approved for use in the United States.
In their suit, filed April 2, Wilson and Akre charge that WTVT officials (and perhaps Fox Television and Fox News execs) bowed to pressure from chemical giant Monsanto -- effectively killing a four-part investigative series on health risks related to that company's recombinant bovine growth hormone (rbGH) known as Posilac.
Milk Produced from cows injected with bovine growth hormone (BGH), biotech milk has gotten a lot of bad press.
should ban the sale of milk and beef from cows treated with an experimental recombinant bovine growth hormone until the FDA developed better testing procedures.
All cow's milk contains very small amounts of bovine growth hormone, whether natural or both natural and genetically engineered.
It took the flap over bovine growth hormone to move the story off the comic page and into the supermarket.

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