bovine growth hormone

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bovine growth hormone

n. Abbr. BGH or bGH
A hormone of cattle that regulates growth and milk production. A recombinant form (rBGH) produced by genetic engineering is administered to cows to increase milk production. Also called bovine somatotropin.
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bovine somatotropin

A 190-amino acid protein produced by the bovine pituitary, which evokes somatic growth (partially mediated by insulin-like growth factor) and increased milk production.
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On April 1, a coalition including Wisconsin's Secretary of State Douglas LaFollette petitioned the FDA to prepare an environmental impact statement on bovine growth hormone. Widespread use of the hormone will wreak havoc on the dairy industry as well as damaging the environment and causing cows to suffer, charge LaFollette, the Wisconsin Family Farm Defense Fund, the Humane Society of the United States and Jeremy Rifkin of the Washington, D.C.-based Foundation on Economic Trends.
To further evaluate if the pGHR's nuclear localization is GH-depandent, we also performed the corresponding experiments by the injection of human growth hormone (hGH) or bovine growth hormone (bGH), we found that hGH and bGH also could induce pGHR's nuclear localization.
The action came on the heels of an order by the chief justice of Pakistan, who also vacated a stay by the Sindh High Court against a ban imposed by Drap two years ago on rBST, also known as recombinant bovine growth hormone, or rBGH.
Registration of the Recombinant Bovine Growth Hormone (RBST) hormone, which is injected into animals for enhancing their milk production, was cancelled by the registration board of the Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan (Drap), effectively disallowing its use in the country.
Sequence variations in the bovine growth hormone gene characterized by single-strand conformation polymorphism (SSCP) analysis and their association with milk production traits in Holsteins.
Beside all these conventional methods one of the latest scientific techniques is the use of recombinant technology for the production of valuable proteins like bovine growth hormone (bGH).
They are also injected with Bovine Growth Hormone (BGH) to increase by up to 25 percent the already exorbitant amount of milk they produce.
The company has achieved much of its growth through smaller acquisitions such as the 2008 purchase of the bovine growth hormone rbST from St.
Dickhoff, "Bovine growth hormone treatment of channel catfish: Strain and temperature effects on growth, plasma IGF-I levels, feed intake and efficiency and body composition," Aquaculture, vol.
Standard curve was made using bovine somatotropin following the kit protocol (Uscnk Life Science, Inc., Wuhan; enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay kit, for bovine growth hormone; catalog number E90044Bo).

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