bovine brucellosis

bo·vine bru·cel·lo·sis

a disease in cattle caused by Brucella melitensis biovar abortus; in pregnant cows, characterized by abortion late in pregnancy, followed by retained placenta and metritis; in bulls, orchitis and epididymitis may occur; the organism may localize in the udder and thus appear in milk from infected cows.
Synonym(s): Bang disease
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Bernhard L.F., Danish veterinarian and physician, 1848-1932.
Bang bacillus - Synonym(s): Brucella abortus
Bang disease - a disease in cattle caused by Brucella abortusSynonym(s): bovine brucellosis
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Studies on the economic production losses of bovine brucellosis are reasonably consistent across a range of production systems in Africa and Asia (13).
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Sources of infection for transmission of bovine brucellosis are aborted fetuses, fetal membranes after birth, vaginal discharges and milk from infected animals (Tolosa et al., 2010 and Geresu et al., 2016).
The stimulatory effects of levamisole on macrophages may be particularly important because Brucella species tend to be an intracellular pathogen and macrophages are thought to be important in host defense in bovine brucellosis. [26] The positive effect of levamisole given on day 7 may be due to the fact that helper cells function is maximal at that time.
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Brucella abortus is known to cause Bovine Brucellosis, one of the primary causes of abortions in cattle.
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