bovine babesiosis

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A now-eradicated tick-borne infectious disease of cattle caused by Babesia bigemina

bo·vine ba·be·si·o·sis

(bō'vīn bă-bē'sē-ō'sis)
An infectious disease of cattle caused by Babesia species and transmitted by ticks.
Synonym(s): tick fever (3) .
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Bovine babesiosis is listed by the World Organization for Animal Health as a notifiable disease," says Adalberto Perez de Leon, director of the Knipling-Bushland U.
Starting with the earlier advances in anaplasmosis, Goff has been searching since 1982 for an improved vaccine for bovine babesiosis, another tickborne disease caused by a protozoan that attacks red blood cells.
Enzootic Stability of Bovine Babesiosis at Puerto Berrio Region, Colombia

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