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A traumatically produced slit or buttonholelike opening.
[Fr. buttonhole]


(boo-tŏn-yār′) [Fr., buttonhole]
A surgically produced or spontaneously occurring buttonhole-like opening in a structure, such as a membrane or tendon.
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In two studies similar to ours, (6), (18) both hands were compared in terms of boutonniere and swan neck deformities, ulnar deviation, and flexor tenosynovitis, and no differences was seen between the hands.
The size of the completed design should also be in proportion to the person who will be wearing the corsage, boutonniere, or hair piece.
Step 2 As shown in Figure 14-32, select the smallest of the flowers for the height of the boutonniere.
Pierre Elliott Trudeau, the Liberal prime minister of Canada known for his ever-present boutonniere and as a frequent partner of Barbra Streisand, met his much younger wife-to-be Margaret Sinclair at a Tahitian Club Med resort.
Captivated by this stranger, she sets out to find him, with only the rose boutonniere he dropped as her only lead.
Beach House Villas The Beach House Villas is offering an OIntimate Wedding PackageO featuring ministerOs fees, marriage certificates, ceremony seating for 10 guests, bouquet and boutonniere, single-tier wedding cake and a bottle of champagne.
Thus was born the boutonniere, the French word for buttonhole.
A St-Jean, TN un programme de dialyse nocturne, un programme de technique en boutonniere (buttonhole) a Dartmouth, NE, et un programme d'exercice a St-Jean, NB.
The groom's boutonniere is discussed first and may or may not be more elaborate than the others.
On the other hand, Jeter sported a white Nigel Curtiss tuxedo with an ivory bow tie and white rose boutonniere.
The groom wore a white phalaenopsis orchid boutonniere, and the groomsmen wore whke listhianthus boutonnieres.
CUTLINE: Administrative Assistant Liz Irvine adjusts the white rose boutonniere on incumbent Mayor Dean J.