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A traumatically produced slit or buttonholelike opening.
[Fr. buttonhole]
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(boo-tŏn-yār′) [Fr., buttonhole]
A surgically produced or spontaneously occurring buttonhole-like opening in a structure, such as a membrane or tendon.
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Boutonniere deformity results from the forced flexion of the PIPJ [Figure 8], a blow to the dorsum of the middle phalanx or volar dislocation of the PIPJ or the middle phalanx.[27],[28],[29],[30],[31],[32] Boutonniere deformity is most commonly seen in basketball and volleyball players.[32] Closed extension splinting is the initial treatment option for the boutonniere deformity, because splinting alone typically allows the central slip to heal.[16]
The deformities in the form of ulnar deviation of the hand, boutonniere's deformity and Z deformity further substantiated the presence of rheumatoid arthritis beyond doubt.
Our results showed that ROM limitations associated with wrist flexion and extension along with the total number of PIPJs as well as the presence of piano key sign and boutonniere deformity were more commonly observed in the right hand.
a usual place where injury blossoms, pain is a boutonniere,
Couples resorts have a complimentary package which includes your choice of scenic location, a non-denominational ceremony, sparkling wine, two-tier cake, bridal bouquet and boutonniere, his and hers half-hour massages and matching commemorative T-shirts.
Boutonniere, the French word for buttonhole, gives its name to the flower worn in the lapel of a jacket.
A man in a dark suit with an orchid boutonniere gives me a wide berth but a friendly smile.
* Au St-Joseph Healthcare, des sessions de formation sur la dysfonction des catheters centraux, mise a jour sur la nutrition en DPAC, anemie, Nouvelle approche en soins primaires, techniques de cannulation en boutonniere, osteodystrophie renale.
Never mind that Nicole had managed to play a softball doubleheader, have her hair done by her mother, Tina, get dressed - and remember to pick up Scott's boutonniere.
As well as arranging all details and performing the ceremony, SuperClubs provides the marriage license, minister (including fee), witnesses, tropical flower bouquet and boutonniere, music, champagne and wedding cake - and now the government fees as well The toughest choice for couples is choosing the right setting - a gazebo overlooking the Caribbean; a lush fragrant garden; beneath the 250-year-old Cotton Tree; a powder-white sand beach; atop the rock cliffs; or any of many other exquisite backdrops.
How fine "Big Serge's" features were, how slender his nose, how soft his eyes, and how the top hat and tux, with its white rose boutonniere, suited him and helped to make Monte Carlo and Paris his natural home, as well as home of the influential company he created.
On formal nights they'll receive a complimentary corsage and boutonniere to add some dash to their special attire.