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a gait in which the animal progresses in a series of bounds instead of a normal walking or running gait.

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Q. My friend has Progressive MS, he is bound to a wheelchair, Prognosis? How can I help? He must be moved by a Hoyer Lift, he has caregivers. He has a beautiful voice and does have enough ability to move in his chair around local community. He has some bad days with spacicity, I want to help but am unsure as to how? He is 60? or so and lives on his own, he has had MS for many years and a number of complications, such as pneumonia and decubitus. Please help me to help him!

A. There are a number of ideas and resources for social and recreational activities (i.e. wheelchair sports, dancing, travel, aviation, etc.) that may be helpful, which can be found at

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Bounding boxes are useful in algorithms that should process only the intersecting objects.
The bounding box heuristic is used in rendering algorithms, including the traditional visible-surface determination [Foley et al.
Although there is ample empirical evidence that the bounding box heuristic improves performance in practice, the goal of formally proving that bounding boxes maintain high performance in the worst case has remained elusive.
Then, the performance of the bounding box heuristic can be judged by
There are two ways to measure the scale--either as a ratio of the largest to smallest bounding box, or as the ratio of largest to smallest core.
In practical terms, however, all the theorems validate the empirical evidence on the bounding box heuristic-since [n.