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A border, frontier
Biology See Biological boundary
Psychology A barrier between two or more people, in particular between a doctor and patients and/or subordinates
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As pointed out in [25], a connectivity domain description of a WSN (e.g., G(V, E)) corresponds to more than one valid embedding in physical domain, even though only one of them (e.g., p) corresponds to the physical WSN; however, it is hard to identify the correct embedding (e.g., p) solely based on the connectivity information, and, in contrast, using only connectivity information, a union of boundary nodes in every possible embedding are identified as boundary nodes and include as a subset the set of actual boundary nodes (which satisfy the aforementioned definition of boundary nodes) of the WSN.
Dawson smashed two sixes and a boundary to collect 27 in Faheem Ashraf's 13th and that lifted the tempo.
He hit Irfan for two consecutive boundaries in the 13th over and in the 14th over hit Afridi for a six and a boundary. In the last five overs Quetta needed 33 runs.
He said structures that were already sitting on the boundary areas around the territory would be removed and compensation paid to deserving affected developers.
'During this JIM-42, both of them who are also chairmen of the National Joint Boundary Committee signed the MoU (Mou-21) with maps (related parts of Sabah dan Sarawak) attached to the said Mou,' it said.
various sections of the Kabugao-Pudtol Luna-Cagayan Boundary Road
MEA spokesperson Raveesh Kumar said, "We have come across media reports stating that certain boundary pillars in the Manipur sector of the India-Myanmar international boundary have been allegedly shifted.
Yesterday, India also restored unprovoked firing at the working boundary, targeting civilian localities.
Authors proposed a distributed cooperative scheme based on the fact that nodes at the hole or network boundary have smaller degrees than interior nodes.
In India and Pakistan the dinosaurs are found on and close to Cretaceous-Tertiary boundary which show abrupt extinctions.
Concerns regarding boundaries generally arise due to a lack of understanding in regard to boundary continuums and dimensions, dual relationships, therapist self-disclosure, (3) and mechanisms of boundary establishment.