botulism antitoxin

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a particular kind of antibody produced in the body in response to the presence of a toxin; see also immunity. adj., adj an´titoxic.
botulism antitoxin an equine antitoxin against the toxins produced by the types A and B and/ or E strains of Clostridium botulinum; administered intravenously in the postexposure prophylaxis and treatment of botulism, other than infant botulism. Generally trivalent (ABE) antitoxin is used.
diphtheria antitoxin equine antitoxin from horses immunized against diphtheria toxin or the toxoid; administered intramuscularly or intravenously in the treatment of suspected cases of diphtheria.
equine antitoxin an antitoxin derived from the blood of healthy horses immunized against a specific bacterial toxin.
tetanus antitoxin equine antitoxin from horses that have been immunized against tetanus toxin or toxoid; used for the passive prevention and treatment of tetanus. It is rarely used, tetanus immune globulin being preferred.

bot·u·lism an·ti·tox·in

antitoxin specific for a toxin of one or more strains of Clostridium botulinum.
Synonym(s): botulinum antitoxin
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The patient developed respiratory distress, required mechanical ventilation, and was treated with botulism antitoxin.
BabyBIG is an orphan drug that consists of human-derived botulism antitoxin antibodies and is approved by FDA for the treatment of infant botulism types A and B.
Although published data suggest that antitoxin is most effective if administered within the first 24 hours of illness onset (1), botulism antitoxin was administered to patients later in the course of illness to halt the progression of paralysis and potentially shorten the duration of illness.