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(bŏch′ə-lī′nəm) also


An anaerobic, rod-shaped bacterium (Clostridium botulinum) that secretes botulin and inhabits soils.

bot′u·li′nal adj.
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faecium genome, the lab's computer programs quickly spotted the genetic sequence for the novel botulinum toxin.
The company's initial focus is on developing daxibotulinumtoxinA, the company's highly purified botulinum toxin, for a broad spectrum of aesthetic and therapeutic indications.
In contrast to other mature protocols for botulinum toxin A application, local botulinum toxin A injection into the diaphragm is a novel attempt.
Botulinum toxin injection, dermal filler injection, and thread lifting were all performed during the same treatment session.
the global botulinum toxin market is projected to reach USD6.
Clostridium botulinum is a gram-positive, anaerobic bacillus with seven antigenically unique serotypes (A-G).
Once the needle is inside thyroarytenoid muscle LEMG demonstrates motor unit potential, the patient is asked to phonate at this time and change in visual and voice signal due to recruitment confirms placement and botulinum toxin is injected.
Botulinum toxin type A also has been scrutinized in preclinical studies, including one that looked at its effects on the synthesis of cytokines, "in a cell culture model of cutaneous scarring.
Botulinum toxin injections can temporarily eliminate the spasmodic quality from the voice in most patients.
botulinum needs, and which must act together for the spores to germinate in response to the correct stimulus, such as the presence of a nutrient amino acid.
The role of botulinum toxin in management of pain: An evidence-based review.
Kane and Sattler present a practical workbook and detailed overview of all aspects of aesthetic botulinum toxin therapy, using drawings, photographs, and on-line film clips to illustrate the procedures described in the text.