Relating to or affected by botryomycosis.
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(10) Originally PG was believed to be botryomycotic infection which was transmitted from horse to man.
In the proprial muscular layer of the cecum, there were bacterial aggregates forming so-called botryomycotic granules associated with edema and small hemorrhage and surrounded by accumulated lymphocytes (Figure 3, A).
Template DNA was extracted from the paraffin sections of the cecum that contained the botryomycotic granules of the current case, followed by the method described by Hykin et al.
The pathologic structure of the infected colon was characterized by a granulomatous inflammation associated with botryomycotic granules of P acnes.
The infection of P acnes in the present case was evident by the botryomycotic granules and amplification of 16S rDNA by PCR.
In the United States, it is most frequently found in association with botryomycotic infections caused by Staphylococcus aureus and Pseudomonas aeruginosa.