botryoid odontogenic cyst

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bo·try·oid o·don·to·gen·ic cyst

a type of lateral periodontal cyst that shows a multilocular growth pattern.

Botryoid odontogenic cyst

See lateral periodontal cyst.

bo·try·oid o·don·to·gen·ic cyst

(botrē-oyd ō-dontō-jenik sist)
Lateral periodontal cyst that shows a multilocular growth pattern.
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Botryoid odontogenic cyst (BOC) was first described in 1973 by Weathers and Waldron and it is usually described in the literature as a multicystic variant of lateral periodontal cyst (LPC) (1).
Botryoid odontogenic cyst is an unusual and rare type of odontogenic cyst.
Lateral periodontal cystlike lesion--a discussion on the so-called botryoid odontogenic cyst.
Case report: diagnosis and treatment of a botryoid odontogenic cyst found in the maxillary anterior region.
Botryoid odontogenic cyst developing from lateral periodontal cyst: a rare case and review on pathogenesis.
Controversies Regarding Botryoid Cyst & LPC: Some controversy exists about the relationship of Botryoid odontogenic cysts to lateral periodontal cysts, as some authors prefer to define a Botryoid odontogenic cyst as a "multicystic odontogenic lesion" with histological characteristics of lateral periodontal cyst," or "cystic lesion similar to lateral periodontal cyst.
13,25) High et al proposed the term "polymorphic odontogenic cyst" to include lesions like Botryoid odontogenic cysts, glandular odontogenic cysts, and intraosseous mucoepidermoid carcinoma, (19) suggesting with this classification that careful histologic evaluation is necessary to confirm a diagnosis of Botryoid odontogenic cyst and separate it from any of these other possible lesions.
Clinical symptomatology of Botryoid odontogenic cysts can vary from lesions that are asymptomatic to lesions that are exceedingly painful.
Polycystic lesions are called botryoid odontogenic cysts, due to their resemblance to a cluster of grapes.