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[59] that demonstrates a protective role of bosutinib (src/c-Abl inhibitor) in motor neurons derived from iPSC of patients with familial or sporadic ALS.
Nilotinib, dasatinib, and bosutinib are some prominent examples of second generation TKIs and ponatinib are an example of a third generation of TKI.
He was switched to bosutinib and has been tolerating therapy well without any symptoms.
This is demonstrated in a report by Fujimi et al., in which a CML patient experienced reversible dasatinib-induced skin and hair depigmentation and then did not experience any depigmentation when subsequently treated with bosutinib [7].
The patient then switched to bosutinib 500 mg oral daily [9], reduced to 400mg oral daily after gastrointestinal toxicities, which resulted in an MMR within three months (BCR-ABL1/ABL1 IS 0.02%).
Kantarjian et al., "Bosutinib versus imatinib in newly diagnosed chronic-phase chronic myeloid leukemia: results from the BELA trial," Journal of Clinical Oncology, vol.
Bis[sulfosuccinimidyl]suberate (BS3), PP2, and bosutinib (the latter two being Src kinase inhibitors) and compound 56 (C56; an EGFR inhibitor) were obtained from Calbiochem (San Diego, CA, USA).
Generic Name Annual Cost Ponatinib $138,000 Bosutinib $118,000 Omacetaxine Over $100,000 Older anti-leukemia drugs like imatinib (Gleevec[R]) were initially priced at nearly $30,000 a year when released in 2001.
to conduct a global Phase 3 clinical trial of Pfizer's BOSULIF (bosutinib).
Of these, five are in the subclass of tyrosine kinase inhibitors (trade name; indication): axitinib (Inlyta; renal cancer), bosutinib (Bosulif; leukemia), cabozantinib (Cometriq; thyroid cancer), ponatinib (Iclusig; leukemia), and ziv-aflibercept (Zal-trap; colorectal cancer).
Key Words: Chronic myeloid leukemia, Tyrosine kinase inhibitor, Imatinib, Nilotinib, Dasatinib, Bosutinib, Ponatinib