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bo·ron (B),

A nonmetallic trivalent element, atomic no. 5, atomic wt. 10.811; occurs as a hard crystalline mass or as a brown powder; forms borates and boric acid.
[Pers. Burah]
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A trivalent nonmetallic element, (atomic number 5; atomic weight 10.81).
Alternative medicine
Boron is believed by alternative health workers to be useful in pregnancy and menopause as it increases oestrogens; they also believe in boron deficiency.

Boron-rich foods
Almonds, beans, honey, lentils, peas, peaches, pears and raisins.
Molecular biology
A mutation of SLC4A11, which encodes a transporter that regulates intracellular boron levels, results in congenital endothelial dystrophy type 2, a rare form of corneal dystrophy.
Boron is non-toxic to humans; while boron is needed for certain cellular activities, a boron deficiency state is not known to exist.

Boron is used in physics as a neutron-absorber.
Boron is a trace mineral needed for proper absorption and utilisation of calcium to maintain bone density, and may help prevent postmenopausal osteoporosis; daily supplements of boron may help retain dietary calcium, magnesium and phosphorus, and increase production of oestrogen and testosterone. It is also thought to safely promote muscle growth by body-builders.
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(B) (bōr'on)
A nonmetallic trivalent element, atomic no. 5, atomic wt. 10.811; occurs as a hard crystalline mass or as a brown powder, and forms borates and boric acid. A nutritional need has been reported in pregnant women.
[Pers. Burah ]
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