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The second of the twins was born; it was a boy, born dead.
The fans know that you can fool a lot of people a lot of the time and some people all of the time, but you can't fool everyone all of the time," writes Relano, whose paper also focuses on the problems faced by coach Rafael Benitez with a project "which was born dead.
Touching on a decision to raise the military officers' retirement age, the lawmaker said "this proposal was born dead.
Another reported death of Daima, daughter of Mubeen had occurred on May 12 while a neonatal of Liaquat Bajair of Deeplou was born dead, he added saying that the health situation in the district was under control and people were being provided with basic health facilities.
At its Ard Fheis in Derry the party voted to support access to termination where doctors believe babies will be born dead and the mothers have to either go full term in Ireland or seek abortions in Britain.
Unfortunately, one of the twins was born dead, and the second died some time later.
THE number of babies born dead have risen in Yorkshire and the Humber despite a 20-year low in England and Wales.
The dialogue was born dead in light of the lack of freedoms, detentions, raids, and egregious [human rights] violations in war zones as well as that participants in the alleged dialogue are either sectarian parties which are part of the regime or decorative parties or Islamists parties which defected from the [ruling party] and seek to return to it through the dialogue", it added
Furthermore, through the election of a weak parliament, the legislative branch of government will be born dead, thus losing the ability of oversight and accountability.
The Egyptian-proposed ceasefire was born dead," Mushir Al-Masri said.
Her mother initially believed her daughter was born dead and was so traumatised by the manner of the birth she claims she suered psychiatric injury and later gave her up for adoption.
He pointed out that Iraq is witnessed a clear interference from several countries that cannot be overcome , but it influenced and complicated the political scene and made the country in circle of danger, facing great challenges coincided with the failure of national reconciliation , which was born dead .