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Lee Carter * Born January 14, 1954 in Dallas, Texas; attended the University of New Mexico; turned pro in 1974; graduated from PGA Tour Q-school in 1979.
Gordon Chavis * Born June 29, 1938 in Bishopsville, S.
Overall, HIV prevalence was higher among males than among females, both for attendees born in the United States (2.
Men who were born in South and Southeast Asia were less likely than U.
An AFS Hoyt Lecturer in 1980, Drury was born in Albany, Illinois, served in the U.
Born in Detroit, Green received an AFS Service Citation in 1979 and an AFS Award of Scientific Merit in 1985.
This rate was highest among babies born to mothers aged 15 and younger (3.
Given the funhouse gallery of characters he created, it's fitting Candy was born on Halloween.
Effective today, under the agreement, Born estimates that it will provide at least $12 million in manufacturing revenues to Excalibur over the next three years.