borderline leprosy

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bor·der·line lep·ro·sy

a form of leprosy that is very unstable immunologically; the cutaneous nerves frequently contain bacilli, but the lepromin test is usually negative; cutaneous lesions are composed of flat bands or plaques.
Synonym(s): dimorphous leprosy

borderline leprosy

A term for one of two presentations of leprosy, borderline tuberculous leprosy—in which there are a smattering of reactive granulomas with scattered large, sharply demarcated, hairless anaesthetic plaques—and borderline lepromatous leprosy—characterised by skin nodules filled with numerous bacilli.


pathogenic entity characterized by an identifiable aetiological agent, group of signs and symptoms and/or consistent anatomical alterations; see syndrome


a human leukocyte antigen (HLA); there is a strong association between HLA B27 tissue type and incidence of Reiter's syndrome and other sero-negative arthropathies
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Concomittent pulmonary tuberculosis and borderline leprosy with type-II lepra reaction in single patient.
However, it is not unusual for borderline leprosy cases to present clinically with concurrent painful oedematous plaques and nodules, as in this case, suggestive of coexisting Type-1 and Type-2 lepra reactions.
Leprosy may be divided into four types: indeterminate, tuberculoid type, borderline leprosy and lepromatous leprosy.
Patient 1 was a 70 year old male with a past history of borderline leprosy treated in 2000 with multibacillary multidrug therapy (MD MBT).
A 40 year-old man was treated in a basic health unit in the peripheral region of Rio de Janeiro city with MB-MDT 12 months for borderline leprosy in 2006.
These findings were consistent with a histological diagnosis of borderline leprosy in Type 1 reaction7 and were in concordance with the ultrasound findings.

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