border movements

bor·der move·ments

any extreme compass of mandibular movement limited by bone, ligaments, or soft tissues; usually applied to horizontal mandibular movements.
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Corps Commander lauded troops for their commitment to deny cross border movements of terrorists.
THE army on Sunday denied there were cross- border movements across the LoC in Jammu and Kashmir by Indian troops and accused Pakistan of unprovoked firing to allow militants to enter India.
Of particular concern to farmers at their recent county meeting was how cross border movements would be dealt with given the likelihood of separate databases for Wales and England.
What's more, these cross border movements come hand-in-hand with the diffusion of U.
Pakistani border authorities have also beefed up security and vigilance along the border at Chaman Qila Abdullah district to ensure complete check on the cross border movements.
In the build-up to the June 14 vote, cross-border border movements for people without valid travel documents would be dangerous, the ministry said in a statement.
Assistant Director Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) Naseebullah Kakar and Director NADRA Ahtisham briefed the visiting delegate about the Biometric system while Frontier Corps officials informed them security measures taken by the border forces to combat illegal cross border movements.
The Protocol lays particular emphasis on cross border movements of GMOs.
Interests of peace and security demand the United States should not only provide assistance to Pakistan for fencing but also launch similar fencing on the other side to make border movement further difficult.
In the context of enhanced monitoring of the Pakistan-Afghanistan border, we exchanged views on selective fencing, aerial surveillance, and use of modern technology like biometrics in border movement,'' Kasuri said.