border movements

bor·der move·ments

any extreme compass of mandibular movement limited by bone, ligaments, or soft tissues; usually applied to horizontal mandibular movements.
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The systems would be distributed for border surveillance and defence against illegal border movements, trafficking and terrorist activities.
Kihalangwa said the wall will not bar cross border movements, adding that there will be designated points for exit and entry into the country.
Balochistan alone shares about 1200 km long border with Afghanistan with 300 frequent and nonfrequent routes making difficult for the Frontier Corps, Customs, Anti Narcotics Force (ANF) and other law enforcement agencies to curb illegal cross border movements and smuggling bids of goods and narcotics.
Dismorr emphasized that despite frequent border movements, Palestinians coming from Syria were still among the most vulnerable refugees, as statistics indicated that 56,000 people sought health services and about 5,000 additional children were expected to attend school this academic year.
THE army on Sunday denied there were cross- border movements across the LoC in Jammu and Kashmir by Indian troops and accused Pakistan of unprovoked firing to allow militants to enter India.
For example, the International Crisis Group (ICG) has proposed that the two parties must agree on broad framework for cross-border arrangements which could address cross border movements, citizenship, seasonal movement, economic activities, and security for post referendum approach in order to avoid possible confrontation.
Saudi Arabia was cited as a perfect example of a country investing heavily in supply chain improvements, ensuring a smooth transition from port to land by tackling issues such as trucking capacity, port capacity and improving processes such as documentation and border movements.
What's more, these cross border movements come hand-in-hand with the diffusion of U.
Pakistani border authorities have also beefed up security and vigilance along the border at Chaman Qila Abdullah district to ensure complete check on the cross border movements.
Of particular concern to farmers at their recent county meeting, was how cross border movements would be dealt with given that the likelihood is that separate databases will be operating in Wales and England.
They said that Pakistan had also raised its concerns over Afghanistan's reluctance to evolve an effective mechanism to check illegal border movements through the Pak-Afghan border to curb cross-border terrorism, The Nation reports.
We plan to use the i2 solution to handle the varying needs of our multiple divisions, cross border movements and fully optimize our transportation network.