border cells

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bor·der cells

cells forming the inner boundary of the spiral organ, a layer of cells found between the collagen-containing layers of the dura mater and arachnoid mater; dural border cell layer.
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Another aspect of our research activity deals with defense mechanisms occurring specifically in root border cells with the ultimate goal of identifying novel molecules able to stimulate the plant immunity against pathogens.
It is also clear that the secretion of root border cells, organic acids, sugars, and organic materials can influence bacterial and fungal growth within the root zone.
The border cells correspond to the (right) descents of w, i.
where the sum is over all border cells [alpha] of D(w).
Then every row containing an M must contain an M in a border cell.
12 Let T be any labelling of D(w), and assume some border cell [alpha] contains the largest label M in T.
In finite grid application the problem appears to handle the border cells that do not have the same amount of neighbors.
and development of root border cells also vary with genotype.
seriously inhibits the production and release of root border cells,
resulting in clumping of border cells in Scout 66 but in less clustering
aluminum-induced mucilage release from the root cap border cells can
We developed a bioassay that has allowed us to determine that chemical compounds exuding from the host's roots, root caps, and root border cells induce fungal hyphal branching," Nagahashi explains.

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