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Reagent DMANB has certain advantages over the currently available borane reagents such as borane.
The reaction yields were quite low due to the instability of the methylacetal protecting group towards borane reagent and the problems with handling volatile intermediate compounds.
21) Ashcroft does not meet with Mayor Borane or any other city officials.
Mi temor es que la caceria de indocumentados se convierta en un deporte para personas sin escrupulos dentro y fuera de Estados Unidos", indico Boranes.
In amine borane (H3BNH3), for instance, the hydrogens linked to the boron atom have a negative charge, while those linked to the nitrogen atom have a positive charge.
Generally, the company claims to have the capability to produce custom made EN processes to cover over requirements, including acid or alkaline solutions, polyalloy deposits, and borohydride, borane, and hydrazine reduced solutions.
Mahoney also recognized WeylChem Sustainable Materials, who announced at the Seminar the start of commercial scale production in the Columbia region of hydrogen-rich ammonia borane, a compound that can efficiently power fuel cell devices among other commercial uses.
The first is borane, a compound of boron, carbon, and hydrogen.
Pacific Northwest National Laboratories says ammonia borane holds promise as a chemical compound to store and release hydrogen in fuel-cell vehicles.
2005) reported the first study of the clinical toxicity of dimethylamine borane (DMAB) poisoning, particularly the neurologic manifestations in the central nervous system and peripheral nervous system.
Unos 150 rancheros del area de Douglas, indignados por el incesante flujo de indocumentados, han pedido a autoridades de inmigracion y el alcalde Ray Borane, busquen soluciones al problema de seguridad que, segun ellos, ocasionan los inmigrantes ilegales.