booster response

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im·mune re·sponse

1. any response of the immune system to an antigen including antibody production and/or cell-mediated immunity;
2. the response of the immune system to an antigen (immunogen) that leads to the condition of induced sensitivity; the immune response to the initial antigenic exposure (primary immune response) is detectable, as a rule, only after a lag period of from several days to 2 weeks; the immune response to a subsequent stimulus (secondary immune response) by the same antigen is more rapid than in the case of the primary immune response.
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* The booster response rate for one or more poliovirus antigens was at least 96.6% in the Kinrix recipients and 92.8% in the separately administered Infanrix and Ipol vaccines recipients.
The booster response was achieved with both 2.5-[micro]g and 10-[micro]g doses of Recombivax HB, James L.
Claire-Anne Siegrist, highlighted data from two additional cohorts showing that following skin preparation with an epidermal laser, anti-PT booster responses elicited by Viaskin-PT were comparable to those elicited by Boostrix dTpa, an injectable approved booster vaccine, DBV said in a statement.
Duration of primary antitoxin responses to adjuvant tetanus toxoids and comparison of booster responses to adjuvant and plain toxoids.