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Jan A., 20th-century Swedish geneticist. See: Böök syndrome.
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Bedroom two has a king-size bed, bedside cabinets, a large mirrored wardrobe and a bookshelf.
uk BIRD & BERRY BOOKSHELF CONTEMPORARY bookshelves with a fabric toy box and easy-toreach shelves.
As I continued compiling the bookshelf and staging various biographical-themed exhibitions at the Museum of Education, I sought advice from many practicing biographers in the humanities and social sciences.
VitalSource Bookshelf is currently available for Windows and Mac as well as for Android and iOS devices.
Aside from being artistic and helping break the monotony of the look of your bookshelf, this also allows you to utilize space more.
If you are an author and would like your new or recent work to be considered for inclusion in the Phi Kappa Phi Bookshelf, send two copies of the book, a color headshot of yourself, contact information (address, phone numbers, email), official press release, and a short synopsis to:
We will continue to develop our VitalSource Bookshelf platform and extend our worldwide reach for the benefit of students, educators and publishers worldwide.
As digital content adoption and e-textbook use grows worldwide, the VitalSource Bookshelf platform provides C&E Publishing with comprehensive tools to expand the reach of e-textbooks to a broader audience.
A bookshelf varies from house to house, room to room.
The students of today are using technology to their advantage, and we are experiencing significant growth in the number of publisher, institutional, and reseller customers using the VitalSource Bookshelf platform," said Kent Freeman, Chief Operating Officer, Vital Source Technologies, Inc.
The bookshelf as work of art does not inspire as does the bookshelf that is, according to Plato's theory of forms, most closely approximated to the ideal, heavenly form, or idea, of Bookshelf.
This 272-page compendium showcases a wealth of bookshelf elements and designs superbly illustrated with 305 full color photographs.