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Jan A., 20th-century Swedish geneticist. See: Böök syndrome.
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Furuseth was right; I was abnormal, an "emotionless monster," a strange bookish creature, capable of pleasuring in sensations only of the mind.
Friend," said the trapper, a little positively, "would the tail of a beaver make the worse dinner for calling it a mink; or could you eat of the wolf, with relish, because some bookish man had given it the name of venison?
LAHORE -- Central Leader, Pakistan Muslim League-N Hamza Shahbaz MNA on Thursday stressed the need for inculcating moral education in students with the bookish knowledge so that responsible and able generation could be ensured for the secure future of Pakistan.
Despite spending three to four years in getting bookish knowledge, they don't have an idea about how things happen professionally.
At the Heart of It is an unabridged audiobook on MP3-CD (plays on MP3-CD enabled players or transfers to portable devices) rendition of author Tawna Fenske's volatile romance between reality TV producer Kate Geary and the bookish (but blazing hot
But the apartment itself, despite some modern art, is that of a middle-class bookish man.
The Reading Bee's Shop, a homegrown bookish merchandise online shop, launches to offer bookworms in Egypt an array of merchandise.
Some of our teachers are very bookish and non-critical in their approach--very dogmatic.
Elegantly translated by his daughter Chloe with language both evocative and sparse, Aridjis recounts his transition from a rowdy boy to a pensive, bookish teen and the horrifying accident that was the catalyst for his transformation.
Seeing Victoria Wood on TV - working class, bookish, silly, clever, doing stand-up, singing, acting - made me think 'Girls can do this'.
Their intelligence is derived from being bookish and not from a developed intellect.