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Jan A., 20th-century Swedish geneticist. See: Böök syndrome.
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So many people confine the costal theme to the (very obvious) bathroom but the Boat Bookcase presents a perfect opportunity to drop your anchor or bring the beach into any part of your home, be it the home office, living, dining room or hallway.
Strong oak antique barrister bookcase come in styles that will fit and improve any inside stylistic theme.
at The Bookcase in Maqaba, off Budaiya Highway yesterday.
s James Lenk and Andrew Colburn testified during the Avery trial "that when they were in there searching Colburn had put back some pornography magazines basically into the bookcase and he was doing it kind of roughly, throwing it in there, when the backing of the bookcase apparently came out of the rear of a particle board.
Now, if a visitor pulls the right book on the library shelf the bookcase will open to reveal Bag End - home of Hobbit Bilbo Baggins, played by Martin Freeman in the movies.
You build the bookcase and assemble it in just about any size door opening and there you go--just like in the movies
These include a sleek table made of aluminum and resin (Tense Table), stools in different permutations (Flow Chair), and a bookcase one can stack a number of ways (Random Bookcase).
The copy of the Newcastle Evening Chronicle published on July 13 1880 was discovered alongside a copy of The Weekly Times, a London Newspaper dated Sunday, 17th June 1880, in a gap between the base of the bookcase and floorboards of the Monks' Dormitory, in Durham Cathedral.
Book Clubbed provides a fine new Booktown mystery when revolves around bookstore owner Tricia and her sister Angelica who face down a killer who uses a bookcase as a murder weapon.
IF YOU don''t already know, I bought a flat pack bookcase last week.
currently is and trying to spruce my accommodation up with a bookcase was akin to trying to save the Titanic by putting a plaster on the hull.