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Jan A., 20th-century Swedish geneticist. See: Böök syndrome.
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Yasir Ali, a bookbinder in Urdu Bazaar, said he has been working for 20 years but now wants to change professions because there are fewer customers coming in for bookbinding services.
"The tone is set at the top when it comes to this administration's disregard for ethics," Bookbinder said.
Among the topics are the legacy of Josephus Justus Scaliger in Leiden University Library catalogues 1609-1716, the library of the Breton jurist and historian Bertrand d'Arentre in 1582, the book inventories of Servite authors and the survey of the Roman Congregation of the Index in counter-reformation Italy, the book inventory of 16th-century Krakow bookbinder Maciej Przywilcki, and the inventory of Beatriz Pacheco's bookshop in Santiago de Compostela in 1563.
"These were not just harmless prank calls,'' prosecutor Adam Bookbinder said.
Tom worked as a bookbinder and printer while Avril was employed at a jewellers for a time and also helped at her husband's work.
Recently master bookbinder Bonnie Stahlecker taught a Byzantine Book Binding workshop, and October will see Clark and Jacqueline Sullivan, both well known in calligraphic circles.
now he's sharing his skills at art festival AN ex-policeman turned bookbinder will be among the experts sharing their skills at this year's Helfa Gelf festival.
Machycek became a bookbinder by happenstance as an 18-year-old in search of work.
Digital printer, bookbinder and presentation packaging company Dunn and Mills Group was named Digital Printer Magazine Book Printer of the Year Award 2012 at a gala luncheon London's Marriott Hotel.
Tsubaki carries extensive stock of common bookbinder chains in its centrally located engineering and distribution centre in Nottingham.
"We are in the process of going through and trying to reformulate some of our condensed soups to bring them more in-line with today's consumer expectations, including lowering the sodium or making some gluten-free, while trying to maintain the same taste profile," says Sean O'Neil, president, Bookbinder Specialties, the Media, Pa.-based manufacturer of Bookbinder's soups.