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The fans booed the players, largely, because of their inability to get anything going on offense.
Kenwyne Jones was booed by Everton fans two years ago because a national newspaper had linked him with a transfer to Liverpool.
Football Supporters' Federation international co-ordinator Kevin Miles insists only a minority of England fans booed Cole - but he also defended their right to do so.
I am sure those people who booed on reflection, when they sit at home, will be a little bit ashamed of themselves - and they won't do it again.
The hosts were booed off at half-time and it took the introduction of sumanager Colin Calderwood found himself under fire after seeing his side register their third match without a win.
At Cannes, pics don't get booed for being bad--they get booed for being shocking or transgressive.
TO anyone who booed - don't come back to St James'.
Halloween celebrations, like trick-or-treating and getting booed, are a way for us to connect," Danziger explains.
England still went on to win the World Cup qualifier 5-1 but from then on Cole, right, was booed by a section of the capacity 90,000 crowd.
Sections of crowd booed the boss's decision to replace the popular 21-year-old with Stephen Elliott and chanted 'You don't know what you're doing'.