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Pierre, French clinician, 1861-1918. See: Bonnier syndrome.
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As she paused at the bedside, thinking the girl asleep, a pair of hollow, dark eyes opened wide, and looked up at her; startled at first, then softening with pleasure, at sight of the bonny face before them, and then a humble, beseeching expression filled them, as if asking pardon for the rash act nearly committed, and pity for the hard fate that prompted it.
May I call it--let me see--Bonny would do--may I call it Bonny while I'm here?
It's joost the bonny young leddy--Miss Blanche hersel'.
That worthy individual she had been equally solicitous to keep away; but he affirmed that he saw no reason why he should not enjoy a crack with Markham and the old lady (my mother was not old, really), and bonny Miss Rose and the parson, as well as the best; - and he was in the right of it too.
The sturdy hind now attends the levee of his fellow-labourer the ox; the cunning artificer, the diligent mechanic, spring from their hard mattress; and now the bonny housemaid begins to repair the disordered drum-room, while the riotous authors of that disorder, in broken interrupted slumbers, tumble and toss, as if the hardness of down disquieted their repose.
And O, man," he cried in a kind of ecstasy, "am I no a bonny fighter?
LEUVEN, BELGIUM -- Bishop Johan Bonny of Antwerp, Belgium, has called for ecclesiastical recognition of gay relationships, according to an interview published Dec.
SCAMPERING around, Bonny the Yorkshire terrier is far from dog tired - even if she is the planet's oldest pooch.
When Bonny Herman took over the Valley Industry and Commerce Association, she found a small-time advocacy group run by volunteers and a couple of part-time assistants.
A pirate's tale with a latter-day twist, this work of historical fiction documents and revives the life of 18th-century legend Anne Bonny, the Caribbean's first female pirate.
By the end of this novel, Portia is out and Bonny is, maybe, Miss Right.