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Pierre, French clinician, 1861-1918. See: Bonnier syndrome.
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Bonny often gives their homes a quick clean or picks them up some shopping.
LEUVEN, BELGIUM -- Bishop Johan Bonny of Antwerp, Belgium, has called for ecclesiastical recognition of gay relationships, according to an interview published Dec.
SCAMPERING around, Bonny the Yorkshire terrier is far from dog tired - even if she is the planet's oldest pooch.
When Bonny Herman took over the Valley Industry and Commerce Association, she found a small-time advocacy group run by volunteers and a couple of part-time assistants.
A pirate's tale with a latter-day twist, this work of historical fiction documents and revives the life of 18th-century legend Anne Bonny, the Caribbean's first female pirate.
By the end of this novel, Portia is out and Bonny is, maybe, Miss Right.
I came here to the Bonny Doon Ecological Reserve because I thought that of all the trees on the National Register of Big Trees' list of species with vacant thrones, the endangered Santa Cruz cypress was most in need of a king.
Bonny G Rafel, LLC, a disability law practice, has established its headquarters in 1,872 s/f at Kushner Companies' 570 West Mount Pleasant Ave.
kitchenware supplier to the grocery market under the Good Cook brand, has acquired Bonny Products Inc.
Bonny Doon Vineyard Founder Pleasantly Surprised to be so Honored in Napa Valley
Bonny has always loved Rich but lacks self-confidence, sure he would rather be with his former obsession, Portia.