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Sports medicine A total system shutdown that occurs in athletes whose liver glycogen reserves have been depleted and whose leg (or other endurance) muscles stop responding as desired
Types Muscle-glycogen bonk, central fatigue—blood glucose bonk
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More than half of men dream about bonking a celeb compared to half of women.
It told a tale of bonking! Bonking for a reason mind you, boyo.
If we are ever going to dig our way out of this recession, then there can be no bonking in the boardroom, rogering in the reception area, or the cuddling of colleagues.
THERE was another terrible crime on EastEnders this week, an atrocity that brought the soap to a new low - they tried to turn Janine Butcher into a sex kitten (possibly a bonking Bagpuss).
The top-selling item at the Galway shop, Four Play, inflatable bonking SHEEP!
This is the fourth year he's done his bit for bonking. Parents whose children are born on June 12, Russia's national day, get fridges, cars, cash and other prizes - so September 12 is a good time for nookski.
J.P., Ayrshire *** FULL marks to Chris Martin of Coldplay while other pop stars are running about taking drugs and bonking everything in sight, he prefers a good football kickabout in the garden with his mate.
NEWSREADER Michael Buerk's last ambition before he quits is to stop viewers BONKING in front of the telly while he's on.
A source said: "A few months ago, no-one would have thought of teenagers bonking on The Street."
BONKING Boris is set to take on Red Ken to become Mayor of London, it was revealed yesterday.
But a closer look reveals the unsavoury images of a couple having sex in the bushes in the background and two dogs bonking next to the maid.
RICH middle-aged men are queuing to buy the wonder bonking drug Viagra to turn them into studs again.