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bonesetters, during the Renaissance and Middle Ages, professionals who manipulated the joints or spine to relieve pain or restore range of movement.
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Many Yemenis both in urban and rural areas believe traditional bonesetters are better than qualified orthopedic doctors.
Crackdown on bonesetters in Kandahar Health officials of Kandahar have launched a campaign against bonesetters, who, they say, are quack doctors who have no medical skills.
In a 2-year prospective study, Eshete (3) found a reduction in amputation rates after a one-day instructional course offered to bonesetters in Ethiopia.
The main reasons for the delayed presentation are lack of medical facilities or social and financial constraints and therefore patients have to initially seek treatment from bonesetters who immobilize the elbow in extension.
Unlike other women of her time, Precious Auntie is literate and can even execute flawless calligraphy because her widowed father, the famous bonesetter of the Mouth of the Mountain, had "spoiled her," letting her grow up as a free-spirited girl.
The Bonesetter was not always happy with his ballplaying patients.
This is quite often complicated in developing countries like India due to lack of awareness, poverty and presence of traditional bonesetters.
Ballplayers and Bonesetters is part of a series and she has illustrated them all.
Once shunned as witches, hypnotists, bonesetters, magnetists and herbalists are surfing on the swelling organic wave, experts say, and have gained such acceptance that many Swiss hospitals have even begun referring patients to them.
Their topics include the indigenous as a site of decolonizing knowledge for conventional development and the link with education as evinced in Africa, indigenous research and decolonizing methodologies, Western medical education and indigenous knowledges, and traditional bonesetters and health choices in northern Ghana.
Hypothesizing the existence of "magnetic ether" that flows through the solar system into the human nervous apparatus, mesmerists--like chiropractors, spiritualists, bonesetters, mind cure healers, and osteopaths--use hand gestures or "passes" to remove "obstructions" in the flow of "spirit" or "vital fluid" and restore "harmony" between the human body and the cosmos.
among them singers, seers, witchwives, washer women, sugar beer brewers, conjurers, native bearers, prayer makers, soothsayers, sorceresses, dyers, diviners, hired mourners, spinners, shepherdesses, babysitters, millers, maids, bookbinders, spellbinders, cornharvesters, great-grandmothers, sharecroppers, necromancers, exorcists, coffee pickers, potters, crazy women, midwives, planters, woodlanders, bonesetters, troublemakers, spiritualists, mothers-in-law, peddlers, gravediggers, fireworks makers, drinkers, hags, beggars, bakers, basket weavers, shamanesses, liars, computers, comagres, sculptresses, muses, and even men.