bone morphogenetic proteins

bone morphogenetic proteins (BMP),

a family of intracellular glycoproteins that induce new bone formation. These proteins influence bone remodeling, fracture healing, bone graft, integration and heterotopic calcification. Recombinant DNA technology has made BMPs available for various applications (for example, spinal fusion, management of fractures).
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The bone morphogenetic proteins market is growing at a fast pace due to the rise in sports and road accidents injuries, according to a report from Dublin-based Research and Markets.
The global orthobiologics market segmentation is based on product types (allograft, bone morphogenetic proteins, demineralized bone matrix, machined bones, stem cell therapy, synthetic bone substitutes, viscosupplementation), and applications (spinal fusion, trauma, reconstructive surgery).
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Most research in the field has been with bone morphogenetic proteins.
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The combination of surface topographies is designed to create an optimal host-bone response and actively participate in the fusion process by promoting the up-regulation of osteogenic and angiogenic factors necessary for bone growth, encouraging natural production of bone morphogenetic proteins, and "creating the potential for a faster and more robust fusion," the company claims.
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This will continue to increase the demand for orthobiologics, including machined bones, allografts, bone morphogenetic proteins (BMPS), de mineralized bone matrix (DBM), stem cell therapy, synthetic bone substitutes, and viscosupplementation.

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