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So, spontaneous resolution of the patients hematological parameters in a short period as fourteen days, suggests us to revise the diagnosis of the patient as bone marrow suppression instead of aplastic anemia.
Clinical signs vary from intermittent fever, lymph node enlargement, kidney and retinal haemorrhage, weight loss and eye problems to bone marrow suppression.
Interferon alpha (with or without the addition of low-dose chemotherapeutic agents such as cytosine arabinoside), which augmented the body's immune response against the tumour, as well as directly causing bone marrow suppression.
Unfortunately, as Lassen (a colleague of Bjorn Ibsen's) and colleagues reported in 1956, prolonged use of nitrous oxide could cause bone marrow suppression, and even fatal aplastic anemia.
Two well-known dose-related side effects of CYC are bone marrow suppression and hepatic injury.
In addition, it may cause bone marrow suppression and lung disease.
The privately held company develops anti-cancer therapies, treatments for chemotherapy-related bone marrow suppression and drugs to manage transplant rejection.
Although no lasting adverse effect related to use of the drug occurred, treatment with chloramphenicol was discontinued for two patients because of chloramphenicol-induced bone marrow suppression (43).

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