bone marrow harvest

bone mar·row har·vest

(bōn mar'ō hahr'vĕst)
First step in bone marrow transplantation; blood-producing stem cells are collected that will be used later for transplant. These stem cells can be harvested from either blood or bone marrow.
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Sophia donated again via bone marrow harvest and Angelo had his transplant in 2008.
Recruiting efforts are underway to enroll 30 children between the ages of 2 and 10 diagnosed with cerebral palsy: 15 with a CBR processed and stored cord blood unit who may be administered an autologous stem cell infusion and 15 children who may undergo a bone marrow harvest and autologous stem cell infusion.
Sarah donated by bone marrow harvest, a procedure under general anaesthetic, where the stem cells are taken directly from the pelvis.
There are two methods - bone marrow harvest and peripheral blood stem cell collection (PBSC).
Second, the bone marrow harvest technique being used can provide billions of cells for the treatment http://bit.
I've been through a long road with radiation, lots of chemo, major spinal and shoulder surgeries and a stem cell and bone marrow harvest in Feb.
If a donor is found, stem cells can be harvested through a dialysis-type procedure, similar to giving blood, rather than through the better known bone marrow harvest through the hip bone that could frighten away some potential donors.
The first is a bone marrow harvest, in which doctors remove bone marrow from the pelvic bone, on the lower back.
If the process is successful, a donor is scheduled for a collection procedure or bone marrow harvest at the collection center.
Charges for the process of bone marrow harvest, high-dose chemotherapy, and bone marrow reinfusion range from $75,000 to $150,000, with most being in the vicinity of the latter.
Last year saw the greatest number of bone marrow matches (62) since the register's inception and, earlier this year, as a result of the register, the 500th bone marrow harvest took place.

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