bone marrow biopsy

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bone marrow biopsy

(1) The insertion of a large-bore needle with a removable stylet into the iliac crest or sternum, to aspirate a sample of bone and bone marrow.

Evaluation of the marrow for leukaemia, multiple myeloma, lymphoma, anaemia and pancytopaenia.

(2) Commonly, the term bone marrow biopsy also refers (incorrectly) to the bone marrow examination itself.
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bone mar·row bi·op·sy

(bōn marō bīop-sē)
Process whereby bone marrow is aspirated with a needle or trocar for microscopic examination.
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bone marrow biopsy

A sample of marrow usually taken from the crest of the pelvis at the back under local anaesthesia using a broad stout needle attached to a syringe. Marrow biopsies allow diagnoses of the various forms of ANAEMIA, of failure of red cell production (aplastic anaemia), of reduced white cell production (AGRANULOCYTOSIS) and of the various kinds of white cell cancer (LEUKAEMIA).
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Bone marrow biopsy

A procedure in which cellular material is removed from the pelvis or breastbone and examined under a microscope to look for the presence of abnormal blood cells characteristic of specific forms of leukemia and lymphoma.
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Focal or diffuse involvement of the bone marrow biopsy is the rule, and appearances are characteristically monomorphic.
Because response to iron therapy is considered a "gold standard" for the diagnosis of iron deficiency, the data from these eight patients were combined with that from the bone marrow biopsy group and are presented in Table 1.
The search was subsequently limited to those patients who underwent a bone marrow aspiration, bone marrow biopsy, and flow cytometry immunophenotyping at our institution.
Myelofibrosis occurs in a variety of bony diseases , metastatic carcinoma ,inflammatory disorders and haemopoietic diseases.21,22 Metastatic deposits were found on marrow trephines in two cases in this study , Bone marrow biopsy is a useful technique not only in the diagnosis of different blood disorders but also for detecting metastatic involvement with tumors.23
The first bone marrow biopsy, which was performed in April 2004, revealed signs of chronic myeloproliferative changes and dysmegakaryopoiesis.
Since she was asymptomatic, a bone marrow biopsy was unwarranted.
Findings on bone marrow biopsy were normal, as were the results of immunologic laboratory analysis, including an assay of Bence Jones proteins.
The bone marrow biopsy showed plasmacytosis, added Dr.
Bone marrow biopsy in the evaluation of idiopathic febrile illness can yield very useful information.
Examination of bone marrow biopsy is a prerequisite for the accurate diagnosis of BMN.
(3) Bone marrow biopsy is not necessarily a marrow substitute by aspiration and smear, but is an advantageous complementary procedure.
(1) The authors address the importance of bone marrow biopsy adequacy, and their study was motivated by prior concern in the literature that the 1NT may yield a suboptimal biopsy for diagnosis.