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Thus, the history of specific gymnastics training appears to be an important parameter in bone development starting in the pre-pubertal years.
The bone development patterns observed in this specimen, as well as other known extremely young enantiornithine birds, suggest that this specific group of prehistoric birds could have been more diverse than previously thought.
"make your bones strong" Vitamin D -- is vital for normal bone development and maintenance.
Widely recognized for its role in maintaining a healthy immune system, vitamin C also is a major player in bone development. The current literature on the relationship between vitamin C, bone metabolism, and osteoporosis in humans is outdated and inconsistent, but, recent animal studies show promising findings.
Early supplementation and calcium-rich diets can ensure maximum bone development, but if parents are not educated on the appropriate delivery, this opportunity could be missed.
The same proteins that help heart cells communicate also play a role in brain function, bone development, and insulin production in the pancreas.
Among the topics are vitamin D, bone development and remodeling, the surgical management of hyperparathyroidism, heredity disorders of the skeleton, and disorders of calcification.
Jin-Ran Chen, M.D., a principal investigator in the center's Skeletal Development Laboratory, has shown that bone development of the unborn young of mother lab rats (dams) fed high-fat rations--to induce obesity--was "significantly impaired," in contrast to the bones of the fetal young of dams that were given lower fat rations.
We hypothesised that MH would result in decreased bone development in the fetus and thus reduced bone mass in adolescence.
Researchers concluded that maternal first-trimester dietary factors are associated with childhood bone mass, suggesting that fetal nutritional exposures may permanently influence bone development.
Manganese is an essential micronutrient crucial for several important physiological processes such as glucose and antioxidant metabolism, antioxidant activity, and bone development. Although manganese deficiency is uncommon as it is readily available in the normal human diet, overexposure to manganese is a major concern.
p53 gene has unrecognized ability to modulate the differentiation of osteoblasts, and bone development.