animal charcoal

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an·i·mal char·coal

charcoal produced by incomplete combustion of animal tissues, especially bone.
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38 Catalyst Universal animal bone charcoal BET surface area, 104 [+ or -] 1 [m.
Each gun features bone charcoal color case hardening on the frame, loading gate and hammer, with the rest of the gun finished in carbona blue.
Bone ash, steamed bone meal and bone charcoal can be seen as having no link to the disease, according to a team of technology experts within the ministry, ministry officials said.
Some imported vodkas may also have been passed through a bone charcoal filter.
Methods for removal include passing water through a bed of activated alumina, with regeneration by caustic soda and neutralization with sulfuric acid; through bone charcoal with regeneration by caustic soda and phosphoric acid; or through a tricalcium phosphate, regenerated with caustic soda and neutralized by carbon dioxide.