animal charcoal

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an·i·mal char·coal

charcoal produced by incomplete combustion of animal tissues, especially bone.
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Connie Hunter, Consumer Relations Specialist for Domino Sugar and the C&H Sugar Company, said the bones used to make bone char come from "non-European cattle.
The other major company that sells bone char to the sugar industry is the American Charcoal Company, which was started in 2002 and is located in Wyoming.
Paul Caulkins, the Corporate Quality Assurance Manager of Imperial/Savannah Foods, said that little bone char can be obtained from a single cow "since only the dense bones of the animal, such as the pelvic bones, can be used.
Sugar companies purchase large quantities of bone char for several reasons, the first being the sheer size of their operations.
Companies use up their supplies of bone char relatively quickly.
Even with the massive quantities of bone char that industries secure, these factors contribute to the need to replenish their bone char stores regularly.
At this time, the cane sugar industry believes that only more cow bone char can fill the same roles as well as bone char.
Since bone char is not on the National Organic Program's National List of Allowed and Prohibited Substances, certified USDA organic sugar cannot be filtered through bone char.
Another reason why bone char is not used in organic sugar production is that its decolorizing function is neither needed nor desired.